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Ian D

Page history last edited by Iand 9 years, 10 months ago

Who am I?

  • I am in seventh grade
  • I play sports

Favorite Book

  • The Monster calls


Books I have read

  • Harry Potter
  • Sara Plan and tall
  • M.r Ropers penguin
  • The Wasting Gene
  • Say Cheese And Die Again

Personal spelling demons

all hared words











Writing Pieces


I'm thankful for

  • family,
  • food,
  • bacon,
  • a good school
  • vacation
  • close
  • teachers
  • snow
  • friends
  • money  


Small Moment


     When I did a double back flip on a trampoline,it was flabbergasting ! I was at my cheerful friend's house.  He could do one, but I couldn't.  He showed me over and over again, but I couldn't do it. We went in and ate lunch, and we went back out. I tried  time after time until I could  do it.It was average,but it was still amazing. My  friend and I were so happy. All my friends were cheering.  It was the  best feeling ever. There was a huge storm in me that made me want to do it again.  The first time I did it, it didn't  feel like I did a double back flip. It felt like I did 10 back flips. It was scary but amazing feeling. 

Comments (3)

alex said

at 12:11 pm on Sep 18, 2014


alex said

at 12:11 pm on Sep 18, 2014


alex said

at 12:15 pm on Sep 18, 2014

your small moment was ok because it was good

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