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Jenna H

Page history last edited by Jennah 9 years, 10 months ago

Who am I?

  •  I am in 7th grader
  •  I do cheerleading  


My favorite book and why

  • My favorite book was Turtle in Paradise because it has a good story and I loved the how different it was from the rest of the books I read.



Books I have read

  • Wonder
  • Turtle in Paradise
  • Mocking Jay  


My personal spelling demons

  • Thursday
  • Principal
  • Surgery 


Writing Pieces


Top Top Thankful List

     1) Friends
     2) Home
     3) Famliy
     4) Phone
     5) School
     6) Being Healtly
     7) Food
     8) Money
     9) North Face
     10) Candy


Small Moment

     The first time I competed at a cheerleading competition, I was very excited. It was in Colonie.

My team was next to compete.  I was so nervous, felt like I was going to vomit. The other

team just finished their routine. It was time for us to go on the mat and do our routine. My team

and I ran out smiling.

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