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Wilson Reading Program

Page history last edited by Beth Dounane 10 years, 9 months ago

Decoding & Spelling

I use the Wilson Reading Program in my classroom to teach decoding and spelling. The following is what they will learn in each book.



Book 1

digraphs (sh, ch, th, wh, ck)

qu as a chicken letter

bonus letters (f, l and sometimes s)

welded sounds (am, an)

s can sound like z in a suffix

vowels (a apple, e Ed, i itch, o octopus, u up)

Book 2

closed syllable (1 vowel followed by 1 consonant)


welded sounds

ang fang

all ball

am ham

an fan

ank bank

ing ring

ung lung

ong song

ink pink

Book 3

multisyllabic words

-ed and -ing as a suffix

Book 4

v-e syllable (a safe, e Pete, i pine, o hope, u mule, u rule)

v-e exception -ive (give)

Book 5

open syllable (a acorn, e me, i hi, o no, u flu)

sounds of y (i in first syllable (cry) and e in second syllable (baby))

open exception a (Alaska) and i (compliment)

Book 6

suffixes (something you add after the root word)

sounds of -ed (d, t, id)

-le syllable

-le exception -stle (castle)

Book 7

c and g make soft sound if followed by the vowels e, i or y

trigraphs of -dge (fudge) and -tch (catch)

-tion (vacation) -sion (mansion, television)

contractions (didn't)

Book 8

r controlled syllable

ar (car)

ir (bird)

er (her)

ur (burn)

or (horn)

r controlled exception of rr (berry)

-ar (beggar) and -or (doctor) when at the end of the word

Book 9

double vowel syllable

ai (bait), ay (play)

ee (jeep), ey (valley)

oa (boat), oe (toe)

ue (blue, cue)

oi (coin), oy (boy)

au (autumn), aw (saw)

ou (trout, soup)

ow (snow, plow)

oo (school, book)

ea (eat, bread, steak)

eu (feud, Seuss)

ew (few, grew)

ui (suit)

Book 10

more v-e excpetions

-ice (notice)

-ace (palace)

-age (damage)

-ate (pirate)

-ile (fertile)

-ite (favorite)

-ine (engine)

spelling rules of adding a vowel suffix to a word that ends in a silent e

spelling rules of when to double consonant before adding a suffix

Book 11

y spelling rule

i can sound like an e

-ie and -ei

-igh, -eigh

Book 12

silent letters

rh (rhyme)

gh (ghost)

mb (lamb)


kn (knife)

gn (gnat)

wr (wrist)

w effecting vowels

ch and que

ti, ci, tu, ture

chameleon prefixes


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