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Hit and Run

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exposition: The main charters are Cassie, Scott, Eddie, Bruce


Setting: town, present day


Problem: They killed a guy (with a car) and ran away


Rising action: They hit a guy with the car and are lieing about it, body has gone missing, the kids recieve weird phone calls and the dead guy's cap appears




falling action:




Comments (1)

SarahB said

at 10:19 am on Oct 14, 2009

What would you doif you were in the book hit in run?

I would run like they did in the book, and see what happend. I wouldn't tell the cops because i would feel to guilty and i wouldn't have the guts to stand up and say that i was driving with out a licins with my friends in my friends parents car in the dark on a highway were a man was standing in the middle of the road were he should not be standing in the first place! But on the other hand i still would get caught because the cops figure things out and i would evenchaly get caught soon.

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